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All great leaders have great mentors

With interactive workshops, our #1 mentoring podcast and speaking engagements, we augment leadership by elevating mentoring to help people connect more authentically with their peers and grow to their full potential.

Connect teams authentically 
with our mentoring workshops

Fight the epidemic of disconnection and loneliness

Leaders are navigating uncharted challenges while an epidemic of disconnection and loneliness rages on in our society. And, organizations that serve as connective tissue such as professional associations, community groups and alumni organizations are struggling to stay relevant.

leadership opportunities

Young professionals with a mentor are 130% more likely to hold leadership positions and organizations offering mentoring opportunities have increased engagement.

Workshops are rooted in our 8 principles of AugMentoring


Vision is the ultimate goal you want for your mentoring relationship.


Here’s where you map out the journey you’ll be going through.


Everyone can be your mentor but not everyone is a perfect mentor.


You’ll only have a few chances to impress your future mentor.


The only way to find success in your relationship is with authenticity.


You’ll need consistent effort in order to build and keep moving forward.


How will you handle the pitfalls that you’ll encounter along the journey?


It’s never over once you’ve reached your goal. Take it to the next level.

The AugMent your Leadership Workshop

Designed to bring out the best in leaders through relatable, memorable exercises that put others in the center. Leaders leave the workshop with tools to connect more authentically and help their peers (and themselves) grow to their potential.


2 hour interactive zoom or in-person
  • Filled with tools, activities and takeaways applicable in building hydrogen bonds between participants
  • Tailored to meet your organization’s goals
  • Measured to demonstrate success


Support beyond the workshop
  • Program development and participant communication
  • Midpoint touchpoints
  • Closing workshop

Workshop participants leave feeling more confident and empowered to use mentoring principles with team members and beyond.

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