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Augment Your Mentoring Program 

Our turnkey kit makes leading mentoring programs easy breezy

Ready to build a mentoring program? Maybe already connected with mentors and mentees?

However, are you confident in how will you deliver value to these relationships and create community engagement?

AugMentors Mentoring Program Leader Starter Kit

  • Become a mentoring expert

    Helps you get a deeper understanding about the true meaning of mentoring and its importance so you can set your own      leadership style

  • Lead your group with insights and purpose

    Gain  tips and advice on different mentoring scenarios so you'll know what to do when you're approached by a member of        the group

  • Augment your content

    Have access to AugMentors' content library (blogs, videos, etc.) to help keep engagement up for your group

Receive a Free Preview of This Product Now

A Turnkey Presentation for you to lead your next mentoring meeting

10 minutes of tailoring the slides will look like 10 hours of preparation.

AugMentors Mentoring Turnkey Presentation

  • Educate and engage the mentors and mentees

    The turnkey presentation guarantees to give your mentors and mentees perspectives and ideas to create their own mentoring methods

  • Generate strong, comfortable relationships

    Using the principles targeted through the presentation, your mentees and mentors will definitely create strong mentoring relationships

  • Multiply your effect within the community

    Your mentors and mentees will be able to share these with people around their circle and create a bigger community centered around creating mentoring that matters


Receive a Free Preview of This Product Now

AugMentors will save you, the mentoring leader, hours each month -- that's immediate ROI! Your investment compounds value with time as the mentoring relationships flourish.

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