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Pitching Yourself in a Mentoring Relationship

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First impressions last. This is a popular saying that can be used in many aspects of our life. The same is true in a mentoring relationship, you need to impress a mentor profile right off the bat or they wouldn’t take interest in taking you under their wing. Now the dilemma arises, what is the best approach for an aspiring mentee to impress their potential mentor? 

Non-Stop Selling and Mentoring

Our principle series will not be complete if we won’t have a spirit guide and for this principle, we don’t have just one person, we have a whole TV network and beyond! When it comes to pitching and selling things, QVC is the apex of the selling mountain. A non-stop shopping channel that airs across seven countries and broadcasts to more than 350 million households. QVC tallied a revenue of 11.98 billion dollars worldwide in 2020, you can’t “discount” the impact this channel has which is why we have it as our spirit guide and as one of the original host said:

“Welcome to QVC, your key to Quality, Value, Convenience”

The Pitch of Getting A Mentor

When it comes to pitching new products, QVC hosts seem to have their secret ways to persuade us into ordering or just staying tuned and piquing our interest on how they will pitch this totally unknown product. We did a QVC deep dive and found 3 symbols that embody QVC’s pitching method to success. They are:

  • The Hosts
  • The Flex Plan
  • The Magic Hook


Did you order a deeper review of each symbol? We’ll deliver it right away for you!

The Hosts

QVC hosts are magicians - making you feel connected and special all throughout their pitch.  Right from the start of your mentoring relationship, try to invest time and find some similarities between the two of you to create that connection and familiarity. These shared topics help your mentor feel they are not conversing with a complete stranger. How do you find and create that connection? We got you with these tips:

  • Make them feel comfortable. Put on a smile, get your confidence on, make them feel comfortable and it’ll be easier to find that connection from the get go.
  • Be prepared. Do your assignments! Do a quick background check and you’ll never know where you’ll find similarities with each other.
  • Value their time. As a sign of respect, try to make every second of your pitch count.

The Flex Plan

One of the most prized products in QVC is the diamond pendant. One look at it and you’ll quickly notice its brilliance, shine, and its humongous price! Although the price is a little bit higher than a normal QVC product, they sweetened the deal by adding a variety of flexible payment options that you can’t resist! 

In a mentoring relationship, that flexibility is important whenever you’re pitching yourself in for their most prized product, mentoring. Whenever you try to reach out to someone, don’t just give out a specific time! Give them options and let them choose when they want to interact. This flexibility will go a long way in your interactions.

The Magic Hook

Magic hooks are one of the classic products on QVC. These hooks can be attached and detached from a wall and leave no markings behind just like magic! 

These hooks represent the time sensitivity in a mentoring relationship. Whenever you want to have a possible mentor, you have to think thoroughly of when you want them to get back to you. Choosing a longer time frame may cause them to forget and not get back to you thus, losing the hook. Choosing an immediate time frame may cause pressure to your possible mentor which can lead to the hook falling off of the wall and damaging the paint or your chances to have a mentor. When approaching a mentor, always take note of the hook and make sure that it’ll stick to the wall perfectly.

How to not “Over-pitch” or “Under-pitch” yourself?

We all know that having the right approach to pitching yourself in a mentoring relationship is a great indicator of whether you’ll be accepted as a mentee. That being said, you still need to be wary of over or under pitching yourself. If you are over-the-top, they’ll feel that you’re too pushy and might affect their decision moving forward. If you undersell yourself too much, they might feel that you’re not fully invested in the relationship you wanted to build. Some key points:

  • Don't be pretentious. Having authenticity on your pitch will not only help today but in the future as well. This is because they’ll know what to expect from you right from the start.
  • Don’t be too perfect. Nobody’s perfect and we all know that. Don’t just mention your strengths on your pitch! Include your weaknesses. That way, they can have an idea of how best to help.
  • Do your research. Knowing their background on the things that interests you are a great addition to your pitch. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to authenticity. You just need to be genuine and committed to the relationship you want for your pitch to work and make them feel that they are getting a deal of their lifetime.


Pitching yourself to someone new takes a lot of practice to master so if you fail once, do not give up! Use that failure as a foundation to be better on the next. You just need to remember that a good pitch requires you to be prepared and make them comfortable, have flexibility, and be wary of time sensitivity and we can guarantee that you’ll reel in your mentor profile in no time.

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