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Julie Meyer, Co-Founder

With a belief that great relationships are the key to a happy life, Julie Meyer co-founded AugMentors, a content platform dedicated to creating a fresh language around a timeless concept, mentoring. When not geeking out on mentoring, she is also the Founder/Co-CEO of Eat Well Global, Inc., a specialized communications agency on a mission to empower global change agents in food and nutrition, an organization she founded in 2012. A proud Tufts Jumbo, Julie lives in Brooklyn with her husband of 22 years, Jed, and co-dependent rescue dog, Sonny, and cheers on her incredible daughters Veronica (20) and Natalie (18) as they set out conquering the world.

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Jimmy Edgerton, Co-Founder

Jimmy Edgerton believes that business and life are about relationships. One of his “three pillars of entrepreneurship” is Partnership- work with good people (colleagues, customers, contractors) and you will find success. When he’s not working to modernize the concept of mentoring with Julie, he works to help others find a more sustainable rhythm - “it’s not what you do; but why you do it.” Jimmy is a lecturer at Tufts University Friedman Graduate School for Nutrition Science and Policy, a Civil Engineer focused on sustainable processes, and former Co-Founder/CEO of Watusee Foods. Jimmy and his wife, Heather, live in Baltimore shooting hoops and building community in Patterson Park!

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